Since 2005, we have been innovating and standing out within the legal industry. We have taken a proactive approach to developing our team, consistently identifying solutions to adapt and strengthen our market position. Today, we are recognized as a key player in the legal field of personal injury, including our integration into the network of partners across Europe who handle such cases.

Over time, we have maintained the same commitment to positively impacting the lives of our clients and those around us, always honoring our promises. We guide our actions according to our principles, which define the professionalism and integrity of the services we offer. We have the most consistent track record of favorable legal and financial solutions achieved for the benefit of our clients.

The Principles We Believe In

Managing partner

Ionuț Jercan, a founding partner of the law firm JGV & Associates, with over 15 years of experience in the field of compensation, is one of the first lawyers truly dedicated to the civil consequences of serious road accidents.

Over time, he has managed some of the most complex cases of this kind in the country, providing support to families affected by these tragedies. Ionuț Jercan has secured a total of over 2.5 million euros in compensation for JGV clients, representing the damages awarded in court for the victims or families affected by road tragedies.



We're focused on laws and legal procedures – it's our profession, after all. But beyond that, we have another priority: communicating with you transparently and honestly. We understand how crucial it is for you to grasp and clearly see your rights.


Cătălin Vlad is a partner at the law firm JGV and Associates. As a member of the management team, his main responsibility is to establish representation strategies for highly complex cases.

As a pleading lawyer, Cătălin Vlad leads teams of lawyers and directly represents JGV clients at all jurisdictional levels, including the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Supervises the teams that document and compile the files opened to obtain compensation. Ensures, through personal presence, the representation of the civil interests of the victims throughout the stages of judicial investigation of serious road accidents.



You can only be the best if you manage to convince others of it.